"When a little toddler comes fumbling and tumbling along, it's the disproportion of the whole thing that's utterly lovable. As I was coming here I saw two kittens, absolutely black, one sitting on top of a little post and the other at the bottom of it. It was a ridiculous scene. But it was perfectly lovable, these two funny little faces there. There's an absurd dog sits outside of this place with the strangest ears. It looks like something that came out of The Spook Sonata. And it's a lovable beast. And so we come to this curious ironic point: that fault in the person is what must be loved. And furthermore, you know Paul's word, 'Love beareth all things.' And the majesty and dimension of your love is the measure of how many faults you can detect with love in the world, in your neighbor, and so on."

~ Joseph Campbell

from The Collected Lectures of Joseph Campbell, Lecture II. 1. 7- "Thomas Mann and James Joyce"

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