I am a psychotherapist in private practice in Santa Monica, CA. I have been working with patients since 2010 and am currently a Ph.D. candidate at Pacifica Graduate Institute where I also earned an M.A. in Counseling Psychology. 

My therapeutic style integrates my academic education with training and experience in various modalities. I draw from a diverse clinical background to meet the particular needs and goals of each individual. While I am most influenced by Jungian psychology, Eco-Psychology, and Buddhism, intersubjective and attachment theory as well as somatic approaches highly inform my work. 

In addition to conventional talk therapy, some of my patients find dream work, ritual work, active imagination, art therapy, and/ or mindfulness-based practices to be highly effective in cultivating self-awareness and deepening their relationship to self and others; both of which lead to a more meaningful life. Alleviation of suffering and greater well-being are natural bi-products of ongoing depth psychotherapy, i.e., therapy that focuses on discovering the unconscious patterns that underlie symptoms and behavior, as opposed to problem solving or focusing, primarily, on symptom reduction. This belief is at the heart of my approach, regardless of the various theories or therapeutic models I may draw from.. 

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